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Welcome to the AMC,

This website uses the various information available in the progressive contemporary world of technology to provide valuable information to help you learn about the possibilities of plastic and general surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology, aesthetic gynaecology, and laryngology. If your problem concerns a congenital or acquired disorder, effects of gravity or progressing time, or an injury-related defect – we may be able to help you.

We perform procedures like breast enhancement, breast reduction, breast lifting, liposuction, abdominoplasty, or treatments associated with orthopaedic, gynaecological, or laryngological surgery within the safe confines of an accredited operating room.

5 Issues Providing security in AMC

  • Strict <strong> sanitary rigor </strong>

    Strict sanitary rigor

  • Szczegółowa <strong>weryfikacja 

    Detailed patient verification

  • <strong>Jednoosobowe</strong> sale

    Single rooms during Pandemic

  • Staff working <strong> exclusively at AMC </strong>

    Staff working exclusively at AMC

  • Wymóg <strong>dodatkowych
badań</strong> laboratoryjnych

    Requirement of additional research laboratory

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During the consultations, we encourage our Patients to ask as many questions as they feel they need to. Your surgery can be done at any time, but you can start the consultations and preparations right away in order to learn as much as possible. We strive to help our Patients achieve permanent and natural results, which will encourage them to live life to the fullest.

Our center is equipped with top-of-the-line medical devices, innovative anti-bacteria systems, air conditioning, and ventilation. We employ a qualified and experienced medical staff. The walls and ceilings at Art Medical Center, including the operating block, are coated with special layers containing silver ions.

AMC offers innovative elements, which include smart operating blocks controlled by the INTEGRA computer system. This system allows the operating staff to control the devices and adapt them for the purposes of the procedure without bothering the surgeon. The implementation of this system provides an innovative, digital operating room where the equipment, lighting, audio, and video are integrated and controlled from a single central device (computer). The operating room ceilings are covered with stainless steel panels with the Biocare anti-bacterial layer. The lamp grips are copper. This is an innovative solution, which ensures the lowest possible risk of infection.

One of the operating blocks is monitored with high-definition cameras. The video from the cameras is presented on a high-definition monitor, which is integrated with the panel casing. The cameras can transmit the image online to anywhere in the world in real time. This means that surgery classes can be conducted without any disturbances in the operating room and that the surgeons can share their knowledge during an operation with specialists of other centres.

The Primus anaesthesia machine (the newest model manufactured by Drager), which ensures precise monitoring of vital parameters when the patient is under anaesthesia, is the core of the safety of Patients undergoing surgery at AMC. The camera system and the specialist instruments also allow for aesthetic face surgery with endoscopic technology. This ensures high aesthetic results with considerably lower invasion.

We strive to meet the Patients’ expectations concerning changes in their appearance at every stage, but, most importantly, we take the maximum organisational, technical, scientific, and human effort to minimise all risk and ensure Patient safety. Our efforts and the level of our services fulfil the requirements of ISAPS (International Society of Plastic Surgery) and our staff holds the appropriate SAFETY PATIENT badge.

What is important is that we treat every Patient as an individual case. The AMC staff will ensure your safety and try to fulfil your individual expectations. The Patient is always the priority and the Patient’s satisfaction is our satisfaction.

The surgeons working at AMC are always expanding their competences and follow the newest medical trends. The professionalism of our medical staff is evidenced in our plastic surgery and orthopaedics training courses for physicians.

We provide our patients with: